About Me

A bit about me...

For me, being a REALTOR doesn't feel like "work."  Simply put, I couldn't be happier doing what I do!   On an average day, I'm running around in high heels meeting with clients over paperwork... and occasionally stopping in to a farm and throwing on my rubber boots to see my client in the cow barn.  

I have experience in residential, commercial, and farmland.  I also have a large client base of non-residents re-locating to PEI from other parts of the country and world!  

As your REALTOR, I will represent and guide you through the process of selling and/or buying your home. I will arm you with the best information and professional advice every step of the way. I am innovative and energetic and will offer only my best, 100% of the time. Let me help you with the biggest transaction of your life!